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Judgement of Paris Questions

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Mr. Leab                    Judgment of Paris                  Name:__________________

  1. How did Paris decide which goddess was to receive the golden apple?


     2. Why was Paris given the task of judging the three?


     3. What did each of the goddesses promise?


     4. Why did all the chieftains of Greece respond so angrily when Paris carried Helen away

          to Troy?


     5. What did Odysseus pretend to be in order to escape the war? What did he do?


     6. What did Achilles do to escape the war? Why?


     7. How did Odysseus find Achilles?


     8. What did the Greeks do in order to launch their boats from Greece? 

         Why did they have to do it?


     9. The Greeks set out for Troy to bring Helen back. At first it seemed that they were

          extremely chivalrous (to go to war for the sake of a woman). It is soon obvious,

          however, that it was war and pride, not human life, which interested them.

          What incident suggests their real motives? Why?

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