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Lather and Nothing Else Questions

Page history last edited by Marcus Leab 6 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Leab                         Lather and Nothing Else           Name: _________________________    


     1.   Who is narrating the story?


      2.    How does the reader know there is a problem?


      3.    In addition to external conflict already mentioned, what internal conflict is taking place in the

             barber’s mind?


     4.    What arguments does the barber make or put forward FOR killing Torres?


     5.    Why does he not kill Torres? What arguments does he make AGAINST killing him?


     6.    Why should he kill Torres?


     7.    How are the two characters very different?


    8.     Torres makes a final comment as he leaves the shop. Did you expect this? How does it make the

           ending more powerful?

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