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The Autobiographical Letter

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The Autobiographical Letter

Your autobiographical letter will contain four sections. Each section should be at least one paragraph in length. Remember to use proper grammar, good sentence structure, and thought out essay structure. It should be typed (Times New Roman font, 12 pt in size). It can, however, be written in blue or black ink if I am asked first. This assignment is worth 20 pts. Use the following format:



Dear Mr. Leab,


Part I: “Who I Was.” Retell your earliest memory or an important first, such as learning to ride a bike. This section of your letter shares an important experience and may strongly refer to family. Give a great deal of description.


Part II: “Who I Am.” Tell me about who you are today. Share which sports or hobbies interest you, what types of friends you have, why you chose these people to be your friends, and an important decision you made recently.


Part III: “Who I want to Be.” Describe your hopes and dreams, PLUS your reasons for having them. Include your hoped-for profession(s), desired place to live, your future family, hobbies, choice of car, everything!


Part IV: “Important People in My Life.” Select two people who have influenced you a great deal, and describe how they have changed your life and affected your decision making. They may be family members, friends, celebrities, etc. Share what you have learned from them, even if you learned from their example, and they weren’t aware that they were teaching you anything.





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