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The Sniper Questions

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Mr. Leab                                    The Sniper Questions                            Name: __________________


1. The narrator is a young man. How can age influence a person's decision-making ability? Do you think he fully understands the ramifications of his political convictions?


2. How does the narrator's decision to smoke endanger his safety? Knowing this, why does he risk smoking? Do you think cigarettes and whiskey help the protagonist sniper cope with his situation? Why/Why not?


3. The sniper hardly considers whether or not to shoot the old woman. Should he feel remorse for shooting her? Why/Why not?


4. Do you think the narrator knew his brother was fighting for the opposing side? How do you think their political differences developed? If they had known the eventual outcome, do you think their decisions would have been different? Are political beliefs worth sacrificing family ties? Explain.


5. How do you think the sniper will deal with the consequences of his action? How do you think the rest of the family will respond? Is reconciliation possible? Why/Why not?


6. Does this story make a convincing statement about war? Write a paragraph that begins with the topic sentence, “In war, no side really wins.” Support or oppose this statement with examples and ideas from literature, from history, from the experience of family members and friends, or from a combination of these sources.

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