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Andover High School

Mr. Leab



                    “That is part of the beauty of all literature.  You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone.  You belong.”                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             --F. Scott Fitzgerald


English 9 is a required two term course.  The course focuses on critical reading and responding to literature, critical analysis, composition, critical lenses, MLA research skills, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.  At the high school level you will be expected to participate and challenge yourself in every aspect of the course.  Homework should be expected almost every night.


Term “A”:            


Unit One: Critical Reading and Responding to Literature

*Literature Component: “Making Connections” --Short stories, interviews, articles, essays, poetry, non-print text integration of fiction, informational text, Socratic Seminar, Critical Lenses--Reader Response, Formalist, Historical/Biographical

*Writing Component: Short Essays (Narrative; Compare/Contrast; Character Analysis; Literary Analysis; Metaphor Paper)

*Literature Component: Poetry

Sounds of Poetry, Figures of Speech and Imagery, Critical Lenses--Reader Response, Formalist, Historical/Biographical, Archetypal

*Literature Component: “Heroes and Monsters of Greek Myth”

Epic Poetry - The Odyssey by Homer (An Excerpt), Integrated w/ Informational Text

*Critical Lens--Archetypal

*Complex Text: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

                        Drama, Shakespearean Theater, Elizabethan Era, and Author Research.



Unit Two: Informational Writing

Writing Component:  District Writing Assessment – September 12-13, 2013, Narrative Writing                                               


Term “B”:            


Unit Three:  Critical Reading and Responding to Informational Text

*Nonfiction Component: Interviews, Articles, Essays, Informational Text, Socratic Seminar


Unit Four:  Research

*Research Component: Utilizing sources, MLA Format, and synthesis of information

*Writing Component: Research Paper including works cited and parenthetical citation.


Unit Five: Persuasively Speaking

*Speaking Component:  Persuasive Speech (Elements of Public Speaking)


Note:  Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, Voice Lessons, and independent reading are not separate units but are continuous throughout the course.


Materials to bring to class everyday:



Folder for English class only or 3 ring binder

Book for independent reading

Planner (also acts as your pass)


Classroom expectations:

Be on time.

Be prepared for class with all necessary materials.

Respect all students and teacher.


Late work:

In this class there should be little or no late work.  On the rare occasion that you forget to do an assignment, I will accept late work for up to 50% credit (better than no credit! J).  Please do not make a habit of it.  Essential essays that are late will be docked 10% per day up to 30%. Grade book will close on all prior assignments one week after each progress report.


Absent Work:

It is your responsibility to find out the work that you missed.  You are allowed two days for each day absent to complete the work with no penalty.  Students will receive only partial credit on absent work unless it is completed within the allotted time frame.  Remember—it is your responsibility to get your work in.


Tardy policy:

Please consult the student handbook for the school policy on tardiness.  If you are tardy to class, please write your name on the board and follow the directions there.  On the third tardy, after school detention will be assigned.  On the fifth tardy, a referral will be sent to the office. 



Plagiarism is a serious offense and has consequences.  It involves copying words or ideas without giving credit to the source.  It also includes copying another student’s work.  No credit will be given if plagiarism/cheating occur.

The use of a cell phone/unauthorized electronic device during a period where an assessment is given (test, quiz, etc…) will be considered cheating regardless of the intention, resulting in a zero for the assessment and a referral to the office for possible disciplinary action.


 Grading Scale:                                                                                    Weighted Grading:

A   = 93- 100%                        C  = 73-76%                                                   Summative assessments =                                         70%

A- = 90-92%                                    C- = 70-72%                                                (tests, quizzes, projects, essays, seminars)             

B+ = 87-89%                                    D+ = 67-69%                                    Formative assessments=                                                 20%

B   = 83-86%                                    D  = 63-66%                                                (discussion, activities, daily work, homework, etc.)

B- = 80-82%                                    D- = 60-62%                                    Common District Summative Assessments (2) =             10%

C+ = 77-79%                                    F  = 59.9% or less                                    (Reading & Writing)




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Before and after school help is available. 


I am really looking forward to working with you this trimester.  I really hope that we can learn much from each other and have fun while we are learning.  Thank you for your cooperation!



“The longest journey starts with a single step.”




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