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English 9

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Trimester A


Getting Started 


The Autobiographical Letter

9th Grade Lenses.ppt



Short Stories Formative

Elements of Fiction Powerpoint

Plot Map


38 Who Saw Murder

Lather and Nothing Else

Cask of Amontillado

The Sniper

The Most Dangerous Game  


Short Stories Summative

Short Story Essay


Romeo and Juliet Formative

Romeo and Juliet Text


Shakespearean Sonnets

Study Guide and Act Summaries


Romeo and Juliet Summative

Romeo and Juliet Final Essay



Grammar Review.doc (Grammar Diagnostic)

Grammar Powerpoints  

Grammar Handouts  


Greek Mythology Formative 


Judgement of Paris




The Odyssey



Greek Mythology Summative


Odyssey Final  




Trimester B


Turnitin Instructions

Journal Topics Tri B

Independent Reading Assignment.doc  (Explanation)

Parent Letter.docx (Parent Letter giving permission)


Informational Text Formative

Comprehension Dangers and Solutions.docx (Ways of reading Informational Text)

Centerburg: Cheaters

Houston Chronicle: Jumpsuits

Washington Post: Teen Driving

Star Tribune: Downloading Music


Informational Text Summative

NY Times: After the Protests



Non Fiction USE THIS.ppt (Powerpoint that explains Non-Fiction)

Examples.docx (Examples of Ethos, Pathos, Logos)

lincoln-gettysburg.pdf (The Gettysburg Address)

!Inform Persuade Entertain Worksheet.docx (Worksheet for Author's Purpose)

Detecting bias in nonfiction.ppt

FACT or OPINION and supporting details.doc

Article for looking at Bias Destroy All Churches Vocabulary.docx (Vocab Activity)

Article for looking at Bias Destroy All Churches.docx

Inferences_Support_Main Idea.pptx  



Non-Fiction: Analyze and Evaluate

A Warm, Clear Day in Dallas

Address to Congress: November, 27, 1963

Students react to Kennedy's death

Kennedy Articles Analysis.docx

Synthesis of JFK Articles Journal.docx

Textual Structures.pptx

Text Structure ExamplePractices.docx




Non-Fiction: MLA Format

MLA Format.pptx

MLA Practice.docx



Non-Fiction: Research

Beginning Research Book Work.doc

Research Question WS.docx (Can Animals Think Worksheet)

What is Your Thesis Statement.docx 

Synthesis of Heroes - Practice thesis and support.docx

SOURCE_SHEETS.doc (Sources for topic)

Credible Source Check.docx (Checking sources to see if credible)

Research PowerPoint.pptx



Non-Fiction: Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech Assignment Sheet.pdf

PowerPoint Template.pptx


PechaKucha Example: Drinking Age








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